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This is a FREE cross-promotion for Facebook book-related groups. The groups may be author street teams, review groups, or almost anything else related to books. All genres/heat levels allowed. Up to 20 groups will be chosen, with a limit of one per person (unless serving as a PA who will use each author’s own newsletters to promote). All the chosen groups will be listed in a Rafflecopter on a landing page. Each participant will then share the landing page with their newsletter. The promo will run for one month. The dates will be chosen after enough submissions are received.



  • Your Facebook group will be listed in a Rafflecopter shared with the subscribers of the participants.
  • The prize will be a $25 Amazon gift card, sponsored by B&B. This is a free-to-you promo.
  • We will create Headtalkers, post Facebook group promos, send through Triberr (reach 12 million), etc to promote the landing page.
  • All you “pay” is including the landing page in your newsletter at the time of the promo event.

Please note: The landing page will be provided to you as soon as it is available. You MUST send the landing page to your newsletter during the month that the promo runs and send proof*. Failure to do so will result in bad juju.

Seriously, though. Not sharing is not nice to the authors who do share and you will be blacklisted from future free promos from us, including any you have already signed up for. Don’t be that person.

*Proof will need to be a direct link to your newsletter including the landing page link, sent in the month the promo runs. It will need to be sent as a reply to your confirmation email from us. While we do not know the date the promo will run yet, you will have an entire month to find a date to send the promo that works for you.

How it Works:

  • Fill out the form below. Please limit one group per person. You will receive a reply if you are selected. Replies will be sent after we have received enough participants.
  • You will be sent the landing page as soon as it is available. Save the link as soon as you receive it. You will need to share this landing page with your newsletter subscribers (no unauthorized substitutions; newsletters are a must for this promo) during the month the promo runs.
  • That’s it!


Sign up!

Your Name:
Please enter either your name or pen name.
Email Address:
This is where you will be contacted about the promo.
Facebook Group Name
You may only submit one Facebook group to this promo.
Facebook Group Link
This is the direct link to your Facebook group.
How many newsletter subscribers will you be sending the promo to?
Message (optional):
I understand and agree that I will share the promo landing page with my newsletter subscribers during the month that the promo runs, yet to be determined.
I understand and agree that while I may receive reminders about the upcoming promo, it is my responsibility to remember to send the promo landing page to my newsletter subscribers during the promo event.

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