This content editing service improves execution, clarity, and development while retaining the author’s originality and voice. All editing is provided by Rainy Kaye.

A few notes about Rainy Kaye:

  • She is  a USA Today Bestselling author.
  • She has a literary and film agent.
  • She has had multiple books acquired by a traditional publisher.
  • She charges competitive rates.
  • She offers a free one-time sample of the first 1,000 words on full-length novels for new clients.
  • She provides her clients with a marketing perk at no additional cost. See below.

Some aspects the editing services provides:

  • Strengthens deep point-of-view.
  • Removes repetitive word choices, wordiness, and overwriting.
  • Improves pacing and flow.
  • Balances narrative, internal monologue, and dialogue.
  • Strengthens verb usage and scene descriptions.
  • Corrects clichés, inconsistencies, and info dumps.
  • Improves plot execution and tension.
  • Strengthens conflict and motivation.
  • Improves character voice.
  • Removes weak openings and endings.
  • Strengthens character development.

Clients Include:

USA Today Bestselling Author Eden Ashe
NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Natasha Larry
USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Stec
USA Today Bestselling Author Samantha LaFantasie
USA Today Bestselling Author Laxmi Hariharan

About the marketing perk:

We want our clients to succeed, so we provide the below marketing at no additional cost. Please keep in mind this is available only for books Rainy has edited, one time per book. Also, the client is responsible for emailing Rainy the Amazon link after release in order to claim this marketing perk. Once she receives the email, we will:

Rate: $.007 per word

Your Name*

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Do you want a sample edit on the first 1,000 words? (This is for new clients only, and for manuscripts of at least 50,000 words.)

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If you have trouble with the form, you can email: editing [at] bookandblogservices [dot] com

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